Unblock any Torrent Site Online without using a Software

Every one of us habituated to watch our favorite movies, TV shows, plays and lot many on online. To download any movies, TV shows torrent is the best place. Torrent is the place where we will get lot of movies, games, TV series and many more.There are different types of torrents that are giving a chance to download movies, TV shows and games.But in many places torrents have blocked. In this website we people are really bending our backs to give you the step by step procedure to unblock the torrents that are available in the market.

Now a days students are very popular in everyone’s life everyone. Many people are addicted to so many TV shows TV serials and lot many films, so the people are looking to download the latest updates and latest April episodes new TV series. The people who are really enjoying which type of TV serials movies I’d like to download the videos from Internet. For those people Torrent helping by providing the latest movies videos games TV series music and lot many files

List of most popular torrent websites of 2017

  1. The Pirates Bay
  2. Kickasstorrents
  3. Extratorrent
  4. Torrentz
  5. RARBG
  6. 1337X
  7. AZ
  9. AG

There are the list of top 10 torrent websites based on the internet survey conducted on the Dec 2016. This poll was conducted based on the movies TV shoes and games.

The Pirates Bay

This is one of the famous torrent. By looking in to its huge monthly visitors i.e. almost 50,000,000, we can estimate how powerful this torrent is. The Alexa Rank of this website is 93. We can say that, this is the most popular.


Kickass torrent was came into picture in 2009. Within few days this torrents clearly dominated the traffic of already established private Bay torrents. The Kickass Torrents waste a lot of social issues and censorship issues in the beginning. YouTube this different kind of issues the website was change it to different domain names over many years. Recently this website was change it to costarican.ca domain. And then this website was lost its address.

The Alexa rank of this torrent is 342. But this website was very good in last year ranking. Website almost dominated top torrents. The best part in the extra torrent is, it is raining a lot of traffic from different parts of the world. ExtraTorrent game one of the most assistant and AC 2 torrents that are present in the community.

Rank of this torrent is 351. In the last year this is the most reliable website to download any movies TV shows games any other videos from Internet. lot of names for this website. Due to many issues the domain name of this torrent is switching from one to another. This is the leading in the last few years. This website does not host any torrent files or magnet links but still it will redirect its traffic to the other places on the Internet.


This torrent is from Bulgaria. Is known for its sick and awesome service. In the last year that is 2016 this site was blocked in US due to its censorship issues. This torrent is very much popular on the remaining places of the world. Last year it was performed very poor due to the blockage in us. The Alexa rank of this website is not that great. This torrent is top 10 plays.


Of the people used to download I’m this website due to the service providing by this website. After the blockage of many other websites this torrent came to the picture very late but still it is working very good. From my point of you this website is going to get top position within few days. This torrent is known for its new releases, due to this this website waste a lot of copyright issues in the past at one point of time was even blocked for some time. But still it bounce back very quickly and drank well torrents.


This is another awesome torrent website in the market. This website is almost having the major traffic from countries like UK and US. This will not bother any people for money and other fake ads. This is limited to very few countries but still its work is really good.


This website is really a hound in the torrent world. This will prove the latest released videos and other trending games. As the previous websites, this website is also faced a lot of problems in the beginning. But later on this website won the hearts of many people and took a place in top 10 list.


This website is came in to picture from last few years. But still this website is very good due to its awesome performance. Many of the people are still loving this website service. This website is really consistent and everyone are loving this website for this.

Torrent Downloads

This is another best torrent, this is known for its reliability. Within few days this website became one of the most popular in the torrent world. The ALEXA rank in this website is 2969. The last year performance is unavailable. The torrent site stood in the top 10 places of the torrents. This is really one of the amazing website for torrents, but due to the blockage of the website, this website faced a lot of problems in the last few years. Now this is one of the best torrents website in the torrentz community.

The top 10 torrent websites that are available in the present market. But due to the different legal can different countries some of the torrents may be blocked in some countries. Here below we people are providing you the best and ways unblock the torrents for free of cost. By using this technique you people can really enjoy the latest movies TV shows films and mini family entertaining TV shows. If you people really like my article share this article with your friends try to help him to unblock torrents. This will really help them to enjoy the latest movies as well as serials for free of cost

In many places of the world people are still finding it difficult to unlock torrent website but still there are a lot of ways that will really help you to unlock into enjoy website by simply downloading your favorite TV show on your PC. Buy this you can really enjoy the games TV shows whatever you want without spending a Rupee from your pocket. You people can really help your friends and other neighbors the simple process of unblocking torrents